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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fresh Food Deals at Meijer 4/21-4/27

This is a quick reference guide to all the best advertised and unadvertised deals and coupons for fresh, healthy foods at Dayton, Oh area Meijer stores. Looking for the HOT Kroger Deals for this week? Be sure to check back soon!

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$2.29 Seedless Navel Oranges, 5 lb.
$3.29 Organic Navel Oranges, 4 lb.
$1.99 Whole Pineapples
$1.67 Strawberries, 1 lb.
$3.00 Organic Strawberries, 1 lb.
$3.00 Blueberries, 6 oz.
$3.99 Fuji Apples, 5 lb.

$.99/lb. Green Beans
$3.49 Pero Farms Mini Sweet Peppers, 2 lb.
-$1 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
6/$2 Florida Bi-color Sweet Corn
$1.67 Fresh Herbs
$3.00 Gourmet Garden Squeeze Tube Herbs
-$1 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$2.49/lb. White or Graffiti Eggplant
$1.50 Organic Zucchini
$.77 Head Lettuce
$1.29 Premium Greenhouse Tomatoes
$1 Red, Yellow or Orange Sweet Bell Peppers
$2.50 Dole Salad Blends, 6-12 oz.
$3.99 Earthbound Farms Clamshell Salad
-$1 off 2 coupon HERE (prints "good on any EBF product")
-$1 off 2 Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$.69/lb. Sweet Onions
$2.50 Organic Grape Tomatoes

$1.00 Meijer Organics Fresh Mushrooms, 8 oz. 
$1.25 Markets of Meijer Cut Vegetables, 12 oz.
-$1 off 2 Meijer mPerks coupon HERE

$1.79 Meijer Mini Box Raisins, 14 ct.
-$1 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$2.00 Meijer Organics Dried Cranberries, 12 oz.
$5.49 Almonds, 16 oz. ($3.99 at Kroger)
$6.99 Walnuts, 16 oz.


$2.99 Oscar Mayer Uncured Bacon, 1 lb. (nitrate-free)
*When you buy 8 participating items!*
$7.99/lb. NEW! Laura's Grassfed Organic Ground Beef
-$1 off coupon HERE
$6.99/lb. Laura's Ground Beef (hormone/antibiotic free)
-$1 off coupon HERE
$2.79 Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat (nitrate-free)
-$1 off 2 coupon HERE
$2.50 Bob Evan's Sausage, 1 lb.
-$.50 coupon HERE
$1.27/lb. Cook’s or Hormel Sliced Half Ham
$1.77/lb. Center Cut Half Boneless Pork Loin
$2.99/lb. Angus Ground Chuck, family pack

$4.49/lb. 96% Lean Ground Beef
$3.49/lb. Angus Beef Bottom Round Roast or Family Pack Steaks
$3.49/lb. Boneless Whole Pork Tenderloin

$2.49/lb. Meijer Fresh Chicken Tenders


$3.69 Amy's Frozen Bowls and Meals
$3.49 Welch's Frozen Wild Blueberries (pesticide-free)
$1.99 Meijer Organics Frozen Vegetables
$.25 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE (Not sure if it will work on Meijer Organics!)
$3.99 Ezekiel Bread


$4.19 Meijer Organics Butter Quarters, 1 lb.
-$.50 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE (Not sure if it will work on Meijer Organics)
$1.00 Chobani Greek Yogurt
-$.30 off coupon HERE
$2.79 Silk Almond, Soy or Coconut Milk, 1/2 gal.
1.50 Kraft Cheese Block, 8 oz.
*When you buy 8 participating items!*
20% off Meijer Organics Block or String Cheese (produce dept.)
$3.00 Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, 32 oz.
-$.50 off coupon HERE (coupon resets monthly)
$.60 Stonyfield Organic Blends or Fruit on the Bottom
-$.50 off coupon for Blends HERE
-$.50 off 3 coupon HERE


$2.50 Meijer Naturals or Meijer Organics Bread
$1.69 Aunt Millie's Bread
-$.35 off coupon HERE (only one coupon accepted)
$2.50 Blue Diamond Nut Thins
-$.75 off 2 coupon HERE

$2.49 Meijer Organics Tortilla Chips

$3.50 Pacific Foods Organic Soup
-$1 off coupon HERE
$2.60 Imagine Organic Soup
-$1 off coupon HERE
$2.51 Meijer Organics Broth, 1 qt.
$1.67 Meijer Naturals Broth, 1 qt.
$5.79 Spectrum Organic Mayonnaise
$1.00 Meijer Pasta, 16 oz.

-$.25 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$.99 Meijer Select International Pasta, 16 oz.
-$.25 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$1.00 Meijer Naturals Salsa
$1.19 Riceland Brown Rice, 1 lb.

$3.19 Madhava Coconut Sugar, 1 lb.
$4.99 Sunspire Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Chips
$3.21 Meijer Organics Pure Vanilla Extract, 2 oz.

$2.99 Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter, 16 oz.
$2.79 Meijer Naturals Peanut Butter, 16 oz.
$1.50 Meijer Naturals Dry Beans, 1 lb.
$2.50 Meijer Organics Honey Bear, 12 oz.
$6.99 Meijer Organics Pure Maple Syrup, 12 oz.

$2.00 Old Orchard 100% Juice
-$1 off 2 coupon HERE
$3.59 Honest Kids Organic Juice Pouches, 8 ct.

I would be pleased as punch if you share these deals with friends who enjoy saving money on healthy foods. Please use the share buttons below!

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