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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fresh Food Deals at Meijer 5/19-5/25

This is a quick reference guide to all the best advertised and unadvertised deals and coupons for fresh, healthy foods at Dayton, Oh area Meijer stores. Looking for the HOT Kroger Deals for this week? Click HERE!

Are you a member of Meijer mPerks? Sign up now to download store coupons (combine e-coupons labeled "store coupon" with manufacturer's coupons!) then type in your mobile phone number at checkout to redeem.
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10/$1 Florida Bi-Color Sweet Corn
$4.99 Whole Seedless Watermelon
$2.99 Personal Watermelon
$1.50 English Cucumbers
$2.00 Baby-cut Carrots, 2 lb.
-$1 Meijer mPerk coupon HERE
$.99/lb. Tomatoes on the Vine
$2.00 Raspberries
$3.00 Organic Raspberries
$2.00 Cantaloupes
$1.99/lb. Seedless Grapes
$2.50 Meijer Organics Sliced Portabella, Baby Bella or Grill Cap Mushrooms
$.59/lb. Sweet Onions
$1.18/lb. Apricots
$2.99/lb. California Large Sweet Cherries
$2.00 Avocados, 4 pk.
-$1 off Meijer mPerks coupon HERE (maybe? I used mine so I can't tell if it is still on there or expired.)

$1.99/lb. Angus Ground Chuck, family pack (Limit 2)
$3.99/lb. 96% Lean Ground Beef
$1.79/lb. Pork Shoulder Bone-In Country Style Ribs
$1.19/lb. Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs
$3.99 Al Fresco All-Natural Chicken Sausages
-$1 off coupon in 5/5 Sunday newspaper insert

$2.50 Meijer Milk, gallon
$2.00 Kraft Cheese, 5-8 oz. shredded, chunk, cubes or crumbles
$2.50 Meijer Natural Sliced Cheese
$2.00 Dannon All Natural Yogurt, 32 oz.
$1.50 Smith's All-Natural Sour Cream, 16 oz.
$1.69 Daisy Sour Cream, 16 oz.
$5.69 Meijer String Cheese, 24 ct.
$3.09 Silk Almond Milk (reg. price)
-$.55 off 1 coupon HERE
BOGO Atheno's Crumbled Feta Cheese, 5-6 oz. (produce dept)
$1.67 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz.

$5.99 Meijer Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 40 oz.
$1.33 Meijer Frozen Vegetables, 1 lb. (select varieties)

15% off Lipton Tea Products
$6.99 Maxwell House Coffee, 28-30 oz.
$4.99 Sunbutter Spread
$4.99 Once Again Organic Sunflower Seed Butter
$3.59 Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
$2.99 DeBoles GF Lasagna Noodles
BOGO Aunt Millie's Homestyle Hamburger or Hotdog Buns
$2.50 Meijer Naturals or Organics Bread
$1.89 Kraft Organic Mac-n-Cheese
$1.99 Simply Heinz Ketchup, 34 oz.
$4.99 Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


meijer naturals

Buy any 3 Meijer Naturals or Meijer Organics products and receive a checkout coupon for $1 off your next Meijer Naturals or Organics purchase. Buy any 4 items, get a $2 coupon. Buy any 5, get a $3 coupon. (Until 5/25)

For best savings, purchase 5 items per transaction to receive $3 coupon. Coupon will not roll--additional coupon will not print if you use 1st coupon to pay for more eligible items.

$.40 Meijer Naturals Tomato Sauce, 8 oz. (price drop)
$.50 Meijer Naturals Tomato Paste, 6 oz. (price drop)
$.92 Meijer Naturals Shelf Stable Rice Milk or Soy Milk, 32 oz. (price drop)
$.93 Meijer Naturals Canned Tomatoes, 15 oz. (price drop)
-$.25 off 1 Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$.99 Meijer Naturals Whole Wheat Pasta, 16 oz. (price drop)
$1.29 Meijer Organics Canned Beans, 15 oz. (reg. price)
-$.50 off 2 Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$1.50 Meijer Organics Pasta, 16 oz. (price drop)
$1.65 Meijer Naturals Dry Beans, 1 lb. (price drop)
$1.73 Meijer Naturals Salsa (reg. price)
-$.25 off 1 Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$1.79 Meijer Naturals Pasta Sauce (price drop)
$1.84 Meijer Organics Pasta Sauce (reg. price)
$2.50 Meijer Naturals Fruit Spirals (reg. price)
-$1 off 2 Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$2.89 Meijer Organics Cane Sugar, 2 lb. (price drop)
$2.99 Meijer Organics Applesauce
-$.50 off 1 Meijer mPerks coupon HERE
$2.99 Meijer Organics Ducky Snack Crackers
$2.50 Meijer Naturals or Organics Bread
$4.29 Mejier Organics Graham Crackers

Deal Ideas:
2 Meijer Naturals Soy Milk or Rice Milk @ $.92
3 Meijer Naturals Tomato Sauce @ $.40
Pay $3.04
Get $3 checkout coupon

2 Meijer Naturals Canned Beans @ $1.29
-$.50 off 2 Meijer mPerks coupon
1 Meijer Naturals Canned Tomatoes @ $.93
-$.25 Meijer mPerks coupon
2 Meijer Naturals Canned Tomatoes @ $.40
Pay $3.63
Get $3 checkout coupon

Note: I took my $3 checkout coupons and in separate transactions, used them to purchase Meijer Naturals Bread, Meijer Organics Applesauce (free after coupon) and Meijer Organics Graham Crackers ($1.28 after coupon).

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