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Monday, May 14, 2012

Meal Plan Monday ~ May 14--20

Here is what's on the menu at our house this week:

Monday: Beef Enchiladas, Raw Veggies with Avocado Ranch Dip
Fruit Smoothies (with Spinach--Shhh!)

Tuesday:   Chicken and Noodles, Fresh Green Beans, Cottage Cheese, Chocolate Banana Bon Bons

Wednesday: Pumpkin Waffles, Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry, Brown Rice, Pineapple

Friday: C
hicken Parmesan with Penne, Mixed Green Salad with Homemade Italian Vinaigrette, Berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries & strawberries) with Real Whipped Cream

Saturday: (Lunch) Grilled Pizza Sandwiches (Recipe coming SOON!), Raw Veggies with Homemade Ranch Dip, Fruit Kabobs

Sunday: BBQ Pork Chops, Crockpot Baked Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus, Baked Apple Pie Bites
 (Recipe coming SOON!)

What's for dinner at your house this week? Share your meal plan in the comments section below!
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