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Monday, June 11, 2012

Home "Reboot" Challenge #6 ~ Why Clean?

At some point, even my own messiness becomes too much for me to handle. Ever since I was a child, I would eventually feel the need to clean my room when it ceased to be comfortable anymore. Sadly, my tolerance level for clutter and dirt is amazingly high. I can overlook things piled up in corners, crumbs under the table, cobwebs, fingerprinted windows, layers of dust so thick you can write your name in them, and clean clothes folded in baskets. Things that would drive a clean freak over the edge don't even create a blip on my radar screen. It takes A LOT for me to be bothered by messiness and do anything about it.

However, at some point I just can't stand it anymore...and then I clean. Right now my bathroom is almost to gross for me to bear. Time to bust out the cleaning supplies and take them for a spin! My toilet brush is missing--not sure how that happens--and I've needed to use it for at least 5 days (and that's how long I've been grossed out by it!!! Ha ha!). Today I am breaking down and buying a new one. I have given up hope it will return to it's rightful position in the corner of my bathroom closet.

I also clean for company--even relatives like my mom or grandma (especially family, as they are sometimes the most vocal critics). I need a good motivator to stop procrastinating and get things cleaned--a friend calling to say she's on her way in 10 minutes is a pretty good motivator! I make sure my house is in presentable condition if we're having someone over, but it's the unexpected guests that cause my stress level to go through the roof. I need warning time to "stash and dash". I suppose if my house was thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, I wouldn't be thrown for a loop when someone dropped by unannounced. (If my husband is reading this, he's nodding his head in agreement right now! LOL) But seriously, what fun is that? I like to live on the wild side....literally!

Why do you want to clean? Why do you choose to clean? Why does it matter if you clean? Who do you clean for?

Today's Challenges (from Sarah Mae)
Mary Challenge: Think about the questions listed in red above. Answer the questions in the comment section below or on my Facebook page These Precious Days.

Martha Challenge: Survey the other bedrooms in your home–what do you want to get done in them this week? Make a plan before you start pulling everything out of closets and drawers with the good intentions of organizing them all. Come up with five tasks (one for each day) you want to/can reasonably accomplish this week. If your babes are old enough, get them involved. Here’s a fun idea on how to do that.
Sarah Mae's e-book 31 Days to Clean ~ Having a Martha House the Mary Way is written from the perspective of a fellow "cleaning challenged" mom. Sarah's in-laws even joked that she was "profiting from her disability"! Most cleaning and organizing books are written by people who are naturally organized and it comes very easily to them. 31 Days to Clean is written by someone who knows how difficult it is to get and stay organized. Just to show you what I mean, you can watch this video of Sarah tackling her kids' toy room. To read more about why Sarah Mae cleans, click here.

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