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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Living the Lutz Life: Why I Should Never, Ever Roller Skate & 100 Days of Homeschooling

The bigger they are...the harder they fall. In my lifetime, I have broken my foot swing dancing, crashed a moped into a pine tree, fallen down a large flight of stairs at a school assembly (I was the teacher!), gotten a permanent dent in my shin from skiing and even burned my knee once on a sandwich maker (It was college-don't ask! Ha!). And that is only a small sampling of my klutziness. The point is that I am an accident waiting for a place to happen. This was proven yet again, last Tuesday, when I took Jackson for his homeschool gym day at the roller skating rink.

 We were having a great time until I fell I down an itty bitty 3 inch "ramp" at the get on/get off point of the rink. I was so busy taking pictures that I lost my footing, rolled backward and wiped out something major--jamming my elbow AND my camera into the very hard floor. I wish I could have seen it, because it was probably hysterical! I put on my best "brave mommy" face and sucked up the impending tears (It really hurt!). After some elbow ice, the hokey pokey and a few more laps around...we called it a day. Although my elbow was not broken, my camera was.

Without a working camera, my blog plans for the week were at a stand-still. I will make it up to you this week--I promise! My sister and my niece came over on Thursday to help us celebrate Valentine's Day and Jackson's 100th day of kindergarten. (Thanks for taking the pictures, Erin!)


For our 100th Day Celebration the kids made a tower using 100 cups, played a game to see how many dice rolls it would take to reach 100, made snack mix using ten each of ten different snack foods, and drew a picture of what they would buy with $100. We also decorated homemade sugar cookies to share with their grandparents for Valentine's Day. It was a really fun day that Jackson had been looking forward to for months.

Help make this embarrassed mom feel a little better by sharing a time you were "less than graceful" in the comments below!

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