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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Unplugged" August Goals ~ 31 Days Without Facebook or Blogging

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I readily admit that I am easily distracted. I struggle with trying to prioritize projects and tasks and inevitably find myself sucked into the world of social media, where I lose all sense of discipline and self-control. I am tired of my children seeing the back or side of my head and if they could articulate their feelings, I'm certain they would agree. My marriage has been put on the back-burner the last few months in order to catch up on the latest Facebook updates or work tirelessly on blog posts.


Enough is enough! I wish I could simply "cut back" on my Facebook and blogging time, but unfortunately it has to be all or nothing for me. I don't do moderation well and those two things, especially, suck the life out of my productivity. It's time to "unplug" and really put ALL of my time and undivided attention into the HUGE month we are about to dive into at our house. Here is a list of my personal goals, our home projects and the family activities that are headed my way in the next four weeks. Hopefully, you will recognize how time consuming my August is looking and understand my need for a little social media hiatus.

Personal Goals
  • Organize our homeschool room, purchase supplies & work on lesson plans for the first semester
  • Read Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions by Lysa TerKeurst (out Aug. 7)
  • Continue working on my gratitude journal/1000 gifts list
  • Begin a food log, drink more water and exercise 3x week (minimum)
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night
Home Projects
  • Have ceiling in playroom/schoolroom repaired and painted
  • Clean and organize laundry room, paint and replace curtains
  • Spray paint and cover Little Tykes picnic table with fabric/vinyl to use for school (see Pinterest project HERE)
Family Activities
  • Aug. 3 & 4 ~ Kids' Avenue Sale (and Pre-sale) @ Ginghamsburg Church
  • Aug. 6-10 ~ Vacation Bible School at Troy Baptist Temple
  • Aug. 17 ~ Family Carnival & Movie @ Ginghamsburg Church
  • Aug. 18 ~ Charlotte's 2nd Birthday and Family Photo Shoot
  • Aug. 19 ~ Pink Pirate Princess Party at the Park (say that 5 times fast!)
  • Aug. 22 ~ First day of Homeschool!!!
  • End of Aug. or early Sept. ~ Family Vacation to Chicago 

I plan to be back to blogging (as much as I can without sacrificing family time) starting in September. In the meantime, here are some great blogs & websites you might enjoy. And of course, there is always Pinterest!
The Better Mom (bi- weekly menu plans & encouraging articles)
Money Saving Mom (kid activities, deals, recipes and organic/natural food coupons)
The Nourishing Home (excellent "real food" recipes)
Organic Deals (Grocery deals & printable coupons for healthy food!)
Sarah Mae ~ Where Life Becomes Worship (encouragement for moms)

Have a fabulous and fun August!


  1. Hey Ash, I will miss your posts, but I understand your needs completely. Something to throw out in your focus on eating exercise... My fitness Pal is a great website/app that figures everything out for you. You just put in your goals and it does all the math of calories, exercise, gives you a food journal. Its amazing! I've loved it! :)

    Enjoy your August!

    1. Thanks Em! I'm trying to stay away from the computer as much as possible and I don't have a fancy phone. For me, it's just about the discipline of doing it. I don't eat too badly, just too much since I quit nursing and I really *need* more water! For now--I will log it on paper, with a pen, the "old school" way! ;) Glad you stopped by!