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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Living the Lutz Life: Fun with Friends, Sparkly Snow Dough & Our Jumpy House

This is a new weekend feature for 2013, giving you a peek into our day-to-day life and serving as a digital journal for me and my family. Take time to savor these precious days and don't forget to take LOTS of pictures!
We had a really great time playing with some of our homeschooling friends on Wednesday. Jackson and his buddy, Noah, always have a blast! My friend, Emily, has such sweet kiddos and my gang loves to hang out and play with them. I was thinking about it the other day and between the two of us, we have kids who are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. Pretty cool, huh?! Of course by the time Jackson's birthday rolls around in March that will all change--but it's certainly fun for the moment.
For school this past week (and the week ahead), we are talking about Water and the letter "W". Our words to remember this week are, "Jesus gives my spirit living water to drink." So far, we have talked about the three states of water--solid, liquid and gas--and created a list of items that fit into those categories. We made some Sparkly Snow Dough (new blog post coming on Wednesday!) and filled balloons with air, water and ice. To create the ice balloon, I just filled with water the night before and stuck it in the freezer.
We invited my parents over for lasagna on Thursday night, which we haven't done in forever. Bill and I are really not the world's most hospitable people. Hahaha! One of my goals in 2013 is to be more intentional about inviting family over for meals and to just spend time together. My parents had a great evening and really enjoyed seeing the kids' bedrooms, our school room, etc.
Friday night we busted out the inflatable jumpy house in the living room to burn off some post-dinner energy. I bought the inflatable, used, as a gift for Charlotte's 2nd birthday in August and it has been worth every penny. They LOVE it!

Bill's grandma had a mild stroke right after Christmas and has been in a rehab center for the past couple weeks. On Saturdays, between soccer practice and church, we have been going to visit her. We let the kids take their new Sparkly Snow Dough and build snowmen (and snow cakes!) with Great-Grandma this week.
The next few days are supposed to be downright frigid! Any plans for fun indoor activities with your favorite people?

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