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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple Solutions for Kitchen Organization: 7 Creative Spice Storage Ideas

Join me for the next few weeks as we look at simple solutions for kitchen organization. I will show you some inexpensive and creative ways to deal with those annoying kitchen areas--such as the Tupperware avalanche, the stuffed-into-a-box-in-no-apparent-order recipes and finding that one spice jar that you know is in there somewhere. Wait...maybe that is only going on at my house! ;)

Week #2 ~ 7 Creative Storage Ideas for Spices and Seasoning Mixes

Note the "shelf extension" and the air
freshener! LOL
Last January I set out to overhaul my entire house and whip it into shape. I started in the kitchen, naturally, because I spend a good portion of my time there. I quickly realized one of the areas that was sorely in need of a good old-fashioned organizational system was my spices. I use a TON of spices. I'm not talking little grocery store jars of spices...I buy salt, cinnamon, chili powder, dried onions and other seasonings a half-pound at a time! When you cook from scratch as often as I do, you go through spices in a hurry. Last week I counted up the various spices I used in dishes on my meal plan and came up with 13 different spices--not including the previously blended taco seasoning mix and ranch seasoning/dip mix. (Links for my recipes can be found by clicking HERE.)

spice organization--perfect!  I don't think I'd do the crafty part, but label the tops of my jars and put them in a drawer.  It would be so much easier!
Photo Credit
I was having to dig through my hefty spice collection frequently to find the ones I needed, not to mention having to open all those dumb little plastic shaker lids to measure out the needed amounts. I stumbled across an idea on Pinterest for storing spices in cute labeled jars in a dedicated spice drawer. Sadly, I do not have a spare drawer available in my kitchen. The two small shelves next to my stove were the next best thing. Labeling the tops of the jars wasn't going to work for me since they were above eye level, therefore I opted to place my labels on the sides.

Organizing spices alphabetically
makes them easier to find.
Voila! Here is the end result of my project. I purchased my 4 oz. Ball jelly jars in a case of 12 at my local they-have-everything-under-the-sun store. The entire project cost me around $15. The jars came with the little oval labels, which I simply wrote on using my best teacher handwriting and a fine point Sharpie. I find that measuring out spices from big open jars like this is much easier than those tiny little containers. You know...the ones that measuring spoons don't even fit inside. Yeah, those. Ha ha!

Other Creative Spice Storage Ideas
Hang clear shoe holder on pantry door for spice storage.
Photo Credit
This was my good idea for the year!  :O)  I have an empty wall in my pantry.  I used the see through shoe holders (about $9).  I can see all of my soup mixes, spice envelopes, and warm drinks!  It saved a TON of space in my pantry!
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I don't have any seasoning packets anymore because I cook most everything from scratch. However, if you happen to have a collection of packets and mixes, an inexpensive over-the-door shoe holder might just work for you. Or you could use the shoe holder has a convenient way to organize spice jars, as shown in the picture above.

SpiceStor Organizer Rack ~ 20 Cabinet Door Spice Clips
Another creative solution for the occasional spice user (whose collection is much smaller than mine) would be this back-of-the-pantry-door spice holder you can buy on Amazon.

Turn baby food jars into magnetic spice containers. #diy #organization #kitchen
Photo Credit

Organize your spices with magnets. Another option for the kitchen! could use another magnetic knife rack!
Photo Credit
What about using magnetic jars to organize your spices? I absolutely love these two solutions--especially the one using recycled baby food jars! I believe the photo on the bottom uses a magnetic knife bar, mounted under the cabinets, to hold spice jars with magnetized lids. Cool, huh? Perfect for those spices you use most frequently.

OH my gosh. Auto-measure spice rack. You click it to dispense 1/4 t increments! Brilliant! $29. I NEED this!!
KitchenArt Pro Auto-Measure Spice Carousel
Last, but not least, imagine a world where no measuring spoons are needed and you can merely push a button to have the correct amount of spice dispensed. Dream no more! Get 1/4 teaspoon of spice with every push of the button. This gadget, pictured above, really exists! You can purchase your own HERE.
The only pitfall I have run into with my spice jar shelves is being diligent in returning the spices to their proper location. I put the less frequently used spices on the top shelf and the ones I use all the time on the bottom shelf. If I put them back in the proper order, they are very easy to find when I need them. In fact, when I walk into my kitchen and see my well organized spice shelves...I can't help but smile from ear to ear.

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Do any of these spice storage ideas appeal to you? How are your spices looking? The new year is the perfect time to toss outdated seasonings and give your spices a make-over!


  1. I'm doing mine today....I ordered a 3 tier shelf, I don't have the drawer space or an extra shelf either..I'm excited to see how this goes....I'm also doing my panty and baking supply cabinet, chaos is in my kitchen today! I'll send you pictures to see what your organizing motivation did to me! ;)

    1. I am excited to see the final outcome, Christy! :)